Monday, June 26, 2017

Kelly Anne Stupid Way defends Medicaid cuts

Kelly Anne Stupidway defends medicaid cuts by saying adults can always find jobs.I an preparing myself to die,I an putting my affairs in order because I expect to be dead in a year, the doctor says I can't work. I can't even get in a wheel chair,
these fools are criminals. they murdered me, they are going to murder millions of people do would not have to die if rational humans were in charge. They are criminals,Trump is a murdering criminal, they should be thought of as on par with Nazi war criminals,
Please crank up the resistance,we are fighting to save humanity, civilization,and democracy, Relatives say"we wont let that happen,: that's what they said when I lost my house.
btw if adults can always find jobs then why do they need Trump to save their jobs?
Reality check: Most of them have jobs already.

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