Thursday, June 29, 2017

Action alert health care bill June29, 2017

Leslie Fox shared Daily Action's post.
45 mins
Today's Daily Action is to call your Senators at 844-241-1141 and speak out against the Republican health care bill. As expected, Mitch McConnell is working behind closed doors to create an agreement among Republican senators. It's critical that the Senate knows we are still watching.
If your Senator is a Republican, ask them if they're holding a town hall over the upcoming July 4th recess - and if not, why not? Ask them if they are pursuing a bipartisan solution to health care.
If your Senator is a Democrat, thank them for staying vigilant and encourage them to hold town halls over the July 4th recess so they can hear from their constituents directly.
White House, Senate GOP agree to add $45 billion to address opioid crisis, near agreement on Health Savings Account money.

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