Friday, April 28, 2017

Daily action alert

In light of news that Republicans are delaying a vote on the Trump/Ryan healthcare bill yet again, today's Daily Action is to call your representative at (844) 241-1141 and demand they put an end to this bill once and for all.
Many Republican members of the House haven't stated how they plan to vote on Trumpcare 2.0. Some may secretly oppose it, but are afraid to say so publicly because they are afraid of the White House. We need you to let those undecided legislators know that they have MUCH more to fear from their constituents, who are overwhelmingly against the AHCA and will not hesitate to vote out anyone who would deny healthcare to millions of Americans! We need 4 more Republicans to publicly oppose the bill. If they are silent, we have to assume they are in support of the bill and going forward, treat them accordingly. Make it clear: silence won't do them any favors with their constituents.
Essentially every Democrat as well as 18 Republican representatives have publicly stated their opposition to the AHCA. If your representative is one of them, we need you to thank them and tell them you expect them to hold strong against any further iterations of this bill.
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