Monday, April 3, 2017

action alert

Today's Daily Action is to urge your Representatives to sign a Congressional letter to the White House demanding that the President seek Congressional authorization before escalating U.S. involvement in the Yemen war.
This is a bipartisan letter drafted by Democratic Representatives Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Ted Lieu of California and Republican Representatives Justin Amash of Michigan and Walter Jones of North Carolina. It is being circulated to House offices right now.
Yemen's six-year-long political crisis has degenerated into a coup, a foreign invasion and now a civil war with Saudi Arabia and Iran backing opposing sides and 7 million people facing starvation.
The media reports that the Trump Administration is considering escalating U.S. involvement, risking direct war with Iran. But he is required by law to seek war authorization from Congress and he is obligated to stand before the American people and tell us how this ends.
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