Saturday, March 4, 2017

Daily Action

Today's Daily Action is to call both of your Senators to demand that Sessions resign as Attorney General. Forget whatever Donald Trump said about draining the swamp. What's becoming abundantly clear is that if you're wealthy donor or a former Senator or part of the Trump Administration, then you don't have to follow the law. You don't have to be ethical. You don't have to tell the truth. You don't have to be qualified. You don't have to pay your taxes. You don't even have to be a patriot. Because Congress will give you every benefit of the doubt.
If one of us did what Sessions did, we would be charged with perjury for blatantly lying under oath. And imagine if Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch had done such a thing! But because it's Sessions, hardly any Senators are willing to tell the truth: Sessions lied under oath and therefore must resign as Attorney General. Call your Senators and tell them to stand up for the rule of law and for basic fairness. If we have to follow the law, then they have to follow the law. Sessions must resign and his statements under oath must be investigated.
"No one is above the law"--as Sessions himself said in an extensive explanation of why our laws against perjury must be enforced regardless of the political ramifications.
Sample script: "Hi, this is X calling from Y. Jeff Session once said of Bill Clinton that 'no one is above the law.' Why then is he being allowed to stay on as Attorney General when he has broken the law? Recusal is a good first step, but tell the Senator to do the right thing and call for his resignation. Because Sessions was right about one thing: This is America, and no one is above the law."
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"The American people believe no one is above the law.”

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