Thursday, March 2, 2017

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Late last night, America learned that our Attorney General apparently perjured himself during his Senate confirmation hearing. When he told the Senate that he didn't have any meetings with the Russians during the campaign, Jefferson Sessions lied under oath. In fact, he met Putin's Ambassador to the US at least twice. He now says that didn't count as a meeting with the Russians.
Our Senators must demand that a Special Prosecutor is named at the Justice Department because Sessions cannot investigate himself and, frankly, should resign. The time has also come for the Senate to create a bipartisan, independent Select Committee with the resources and expertise to properly investigate all of Putin's attempts to influence our electoral process and government-- because they cannot do this job through their regular committees.
Consider this: Jeff Sessions is now the FOURTH TRUMP APPOINTEE to lie under oath during a Senate hearing, get away with apparent perjury, and still get confirmed:
1) Steve Mnuchin lied under oath about his bank not robo-signing mortgages while he was CEO.
2) Tom Price lied under oath about his insider trading in health care stocks while he was in Congress.
3) Scott Pruitt lied under oath about his use of a personal email account for his work emails as Oklahoma's Attorney General.
4) And now, perhaps most egregiously of all, Jeff Sessions lied under oath about meeting with Russians during the campaign.
With a confirmation record like this, how can we trust the Senate to connect the dots on Vladimir Putin and his professional spies, blackmailers, propagandists, and murderers?
An independent bipartisan Select Committee investigation like the 9/11 commission is necessary because Vladimir Putin poses a grave national security threat to the United States.
Please make the time to call both of your Senators and tell them to take this seriously, to move quickly, and to put country ahead of party and ahead of committee jurisdiction turf battles.
Here's a sample script: "Hi, my name is X and I am calling from Y. I am calling to urge Senator Z to put country over party and demand that a special prosecutor be named at the Justice Department to investigate the Trump campaign's ties to Russia. The Senator must also push for a bipartisan, independent Select Committee to investigate all of Putin's attempts to influence our electoral process and government."
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