Sunday, February 5, 2017

I:VE seen several Trumpies trying to argue that Trump is not like Hitler and putting down the comparison. I said he wasn't born in Austria he did not literally burn the Richstag but that doesn't mean he's nothing like Hitler
Karen Heyburn gave one of thebest answers KI;ve seen Here is her's

I understand his process yet disagree with his conclusions. He seems to vacillate between metaphor and factual backstory. I wasn't aware anyone said that DT is Hitler. He behaves in the same manner as Hitler. He advocates for the same policies of value/valueless. He used the same techniques in the campaign. MAGA is a hiccup from "Deutschland Über Alles." His unwillingness to follow laws, rules, or the US Constitution are frighteningly similar. His threats to send in troops through martial law declaration in Chicago is copied. His disgust and hatred at anyone who refuses him is precisely the same. I was born not long after WWII ended. The filmstrip images of that war and its aftermath are burned into this once schoolgirl's brain. To try to explain away the parallels and dismiss the concerns of so many extraordinarily well-educated people is irresponsible as I see it. There is a definite correlation. Perfect? No. But the events leading to a volcanic eruption don't have to be perfectly the same for us to know they are happening, either.

I see two very general similarities. 

I. Like Hitler using the burning of the Richstag so Trump benefited from the illegalities of the FBI director who lied about the emails to swing the vote,

II. Like Trump scapegoating the Jews Trump scapegoats Hispanics and Muslims/

how close does he have to come before we are in trouble?

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