Friday, January 6, 2017

weekly check list fror Resistance

What’s in my What To Do This Week action checklist

  • Clear actions you can take from home to support freedom and equality for all Americans

  • A weekly reading list of selected, thorough views on important issues

  • A Not Normal section that shows how this presidency, vice-presidency, and the far-right movement acts out of integrity with American values

  • A “good news” section about good Americans doing kind things for each other

How I create the action checklist

  • I read papers and magazines from around the US and around the world that have a high level of credibility. I reject sources that are too slanted or opinion-heavy.

  • I look for issues that put our constitutional freedoms at risk.

  • I look for petitions and campaigns that oppose anything that puts our freedoms in jeopardy. I fact check the sources to be sure they’re trustworthy.

  • I organize these and email them to you once a week.



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